Natural Resources Protection & Regulatory Affairs

The Department of Natural Resources Protection and Regulatory Affairs oversees five programs that regulate activities within Mashantucket as a demonstration of the Tribe’s sovereignty.

Natural Resources Protection

Natural Resources Protection staff monitors the physical environment of the tribal lands to assess and document trends concerning water, forest, wetlands and wildlife. The program is responsible for developing and enforcing environmental standards and regulations to advance tribal sovereignty and to conserve and enhance the Tribe’s natural resources and related ecosystems. Also, program staff provides technical support and research, works as a liaison with federal, state, and local environmental entities, and acquires external environmental permits when required.

Building Code Enforcement

The Building Code Official is responsible for inspecting all aspects of construction at progressive stages to ensure compliance with the Tribe’s building codes. Responsibilities include providing project plan review, issuing trade permits, performing inspections, investigating complaints, issuing deficiency notices, and ensuring correction of violations.

Tribal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (TOSHA)

The TOSHA program enforces the provisions of MPTL. Title 34, which mandates a safe working environment shall be provided for all employed within Mashantucket and others employed by the Tribe who work within the surrounding community. Department staff monitors the TOSHA Hotline, processes inspection findings, issues violation notices, conducts hearings, collects fines, tracks abatement, and issues settlement agreements. Our Inspectors are outside contractors who conduct audits and investigate employee complaints.

Food Safety and Sanitation

As mandated by MPTL. Title 26, staff inspects food service establishments at Mashantucket to reduce the incidence of foodborne illnesses. The program also monitors compliance with health regulations inspecting the childcare facility, pools, salons, and spas. The team investigates all employee and patron complaints of alleged foodborne illnesses, and the manager facilitates food safety training. The Food Safety Manager also conducts plan reviews for new construction and renovation projects and issue licenses and fines for uncorrected violations.

Land Use Commission

The Land Use Commission consists of representatives from nine disciplines: Fire Safety, Historic Preservation, Natural Resources Protection, Building Code Enforcement, Utilities, Planning & Zoning, Tribal Member Community, Food Safety, and the Gaming Enterprise. The Commission enforces the provisions of the Land Use Law (MPTL Title 14). This law applies to all land use activities and projects within Mashantucket and dictates that each Commissioner diligently advocates achievement of self-determination and self-governance. The Commissioners protect and enhance human and natural resources for future generations, promote beneficial land uses without undesirable and unintended consequences, and preserve the Tribe’s historical, cultural and natural resources and facilitates the efficiency and development of approved and permitted Land Use activities.