Public Works, Community Planning & Infrastructure Management

The Department of Public Works, Planning and Infrastructure Management is the lead department overseeing the Fleet Maintenance Division, Public Works Operations Division, Public Works Exterior Landscape Division, Community Planning and Development, Property Management, Community Busing, Water (water, gas and electric) and Wastewater Treatment Departments.

As a team, we take pride in doing our part to create a safe and comfortable environment of peace and prosperity for the tribal government and its entities by providing quality services, efficiently and effectively.

The Fleet Maintenance Division is charged with providing repair and preventative maintenance services for all Tribal Government-owned and operated vehicles and equipment including those used by Foxwoods Resort Casino.

The Public Works Operations Division maintains all roads and grounds on the Reservation as well as providing support to the Utilities, Wastewater Treatment and Housing Departments for emergency repairs.

The Landscaping crew assists with special events and projects, plants an average of 10,000 annual flowers each year, and maintains property-wide landscapes and irrigation systems.

The Community Planning Division provides mapping for the Tribe, its enterprises, and various design firms. The Division also provides survey services for new home construction on the Reservation, creates land assignment plans for each residential lot, subdivides lots, and provides base mapping and survey control support. The Division also provided site plans and cost estimates for various proposed projects. It continued to update maps essential for the Tribe’s road maintenance grant funding, and works on right-of-way mapping for BIA roads, federal highways and tribal transportation maintenance corridors essential for funding of road construction, milling, and overlay or reconstruction projects.

The Building Maintenance Staff maintains all facilities on the reservation, including the Community Center, Public Safety, Public Works, Pequot Museum, Pequot Health Care, the Post Office, Tribal Health Services, and the Child Development Center.

Community Busing provides ridership for Tribal Members at designated bus stops throughout the Reservation. This program is grant-funded through the Federal Transit Administration’s Formula Grants for Rural Areas.

The Utilities Department is responsible for the administration, operation, and maintenance of the Tribe’s utilities infrastructure for providing water, wastewater treatment, and electric and natural gas services to MPTN’s enterprises, government facilities and residential community in an efficient, economical, and safe manner. Operation and maintenance of the MPTN’s state-of-the-art treatment facilities and utilities distribution systems are crucial to its ongoing success, future development, and economic growth. The Tribe’s water system is registered with the State Department of Health and adheres to all State and Federal EPA Safe Drinking Water Standards. It provides technical services to other departments and is responsible for the expansion of its utility infrastructure to support future growth. Compliance with the EPA and State water quality standards, the efficiency of operations, reliable services, protection of the environment, and safety are of utmost importance to our day-to-day operations.

The MPTN Wastewater Treatment Plant processes all sewage from Foxwoods Resort Casino and the Reservation and provides reuse water to the Lake of Isles Golf Course for irrigation.