Robert F. CoyneRobert F. Coyne, Family Relations Officer, was appointed after a 32 year career with the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch Office of Probation, serving people in various capacities in the criminal justice system. Mr. Coyne began his career in Bridgeport working as a counselor with adolescents and their families. After working in a secured juvenile residential facility in New Haven, he started a rewarding career with Adult Probation and has served in New London, Norwich and other larger cities. Over his career he has continued specialized trainings in motivational interviewing, client engagement, cognitive behavioral therapy and assessment of sex offenders.

Mr. Coyne has a BS in Criminal Justice and Master of Public Administration from the University of New Haven. He is also certified in Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training and was appointed to the Judicial Branch Court Support Services Divisions' Committee on Cultural Responsiveness, where he served for many years on its Advisory Board. In 2014 he completed the State of CT Leaders Development Program. Mr. Coyne has a strong background in multi-cultural affairs, having worked with clients of many ethnicities including Native Americans. He is a member of several professional organizations and volunteers his time in the community.

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Charles Donnelly, Jr.Charles Donnelly, Jr.., Probation Officer and Pre-Trial Intervention Director, was appointed after a 30 year career with the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch Office of Adult Probation. He is a 1985 Administration of Justice graduate from Salve Regina University. After graduation, Mr. Donnelly worked for the Rhode Island Department of Correction, serving both the adult and juvenile populations. He began his probation career in the Bridgeport probation office in 1987 before transferring to the New London office. Mr. Donnelly was promoted to Chief Probation Officer in 1997 and continued to serve in that capacity until his retirement in 2017. As a Chief Probation Officer he supervised Connecticut's first Intensive Sex Offender Unit and assisted with the development of standards, trainings and policies. He was responsible for overseeing appropriate sentencing recommendations and the enforcement of conditions of probation, while balancing the rehabilitative needs of probationers.

Mr. Donnelly is a current member of the Rhode Island Fraternal Order of Police Associates and a past member of Connecticut Probation Parole Association and New England Council on Crime and Delinquency. He is active in local youth sports programs, baseball, softball, soccer and hockey, serving as a board member and coach within these organizations.