Local Transit Bus Line

Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Transportation is committed to providing safe, efficient, courteous and convenient transportation for the community by enhancing quality of life, livability, and self-sufficiency through mobility.

Bus Stop Locations

  1. Spiritual Center
  2. Fanning Road
  3. Heath Spur
  4. Coachman Pike
  5. Pequot Circle
  6. Pequot Village
  7. Community Center
  8. Pharmacy
  9. Jessica Lane
  10. Museum
  11. White Pine
  12. Outpost
  13. Tribal Health Services
  14. Fox Tower
  15. Grand Pequot Tower
  16. Great Cedar Hotel *SEAT 108 Bus

Bus Schedule Pick-Up Times From MPTN Reservation to Foxwoods:

1.Spiritual Center7:509:5011:501:50*
2.Fanning Road7:559:5511:551:55*
3.Heath Spur8:0010:0012:002:00*
4.Coachman Pike8:0510:0512:052:05*
5.Pequot Circle8:1010:1012:102:10*
6.Pequot Village8:1510:1512:152:15*
7.Community Center8:2010:2012:202:20*
9.Jessica Lane8:3010:3012:302:30*
10.White Pine8:3210:3212:322:32*
13.Tribal Health Services8:4510:4512:452:45*
14.Fox Tower8:5010:5012:502:50*
15.Grand Pequot Tower8:5510:5512:552:55*
16.Great Cedar Hotel *SEAT 108 Bus9:0011:001:003:00*
*Last pick up at that location

Bus Schedule Pick –Up Times from Foxwoods to MPTN Reservation:

17.Great Cedar Hotel* SEAT 108 Bus9:15 1:153:00*
11.Museum9:20 1:203:05*
10.White Pine9:22 1:223:07*
9.Jessica Lane9:25 1:253:10*
8.Pharmacy9:30 1:303:15*
7.Community Center9:35 1:353:20*
6.Pequot Village9:40 1:403:25*
5.Pequot Circle9:45 1:453:30*
1.Spiritual Center9:5011:501:503:35*
2.Fanning Road9:5511:551:553:40*
3.Heath Spur10:0012:002:003:45*
4.Coachman Pike10:0512:052:053:50*
*Last drop off at this location

If you have any questions please contact the Community Busing Department at (860)396-7541 or via email Cagardner@mptn-nsn.gov